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Bits & Pieces

Archive of Bits & Pieces

June, 2018

Remembering Marge

May, 2018

Sew Day quilts
Works in progress
Overlay No.1

April, 2018

Quilt show 2018 PQG – Part 2
Quilt show 2018 – PQG

March, 2018

Cindy’s Quilt

February, 2018

Caleb’s Quilt
Baby Rebekah’s Quilt
Cena’s Quilt
Sew Day Jan-18

January, 2018

Baby Adam’s quilt
Brenda’s Quilt
Circle Challenge
Baby Lucy’s Quilt
Baby Josiah’s quilt
Sweet baby girl
Our quilt is at Fall Paducah
PQG 2018 opportunity quilt quilting process
PQG 2018 opportunity quilt design process
Baby Chloe’s quilt

September, 2017

A win

August, 2017

Updated pricing information
Quilting for Dorinda

March, 2017

Quilting for Nancy
Quilting for L
Vintage applique quilt-Quilting for Bernice

October, 2016

Quilting for Bernice
Quilting for Mobile Quilter’s Guild – 2017 Opportunity Quilt – Detail Shots
New items for sale in my Etsy Shop
Quilting for Mobile Quilter’s Guild – 2017 Opportunity Quilt
The backing – Gordon’s Quilt

September, 2016

Quilting finished – Gordon’s Quilt
Starting the quilting – Gordon’s Quilt
A quilt for Brenna
Alcohol Ink Art
Beginning something new – Gordon’s Quilt
Quilting for Bernice – Overall Sam
Green and Cream Vintage Quilt – Quilting for Mom
Quilting for JoAnn

March, 2016

Quilting for Cena
Denim Gecko ribbon lovie
Pink Cross Quilt

February, 2016

My Etsy store
Busy Bags
White Modern Leaf Vine Lap Quilt
Mom’s Vintage Dot quilt
Pensacola Beach in February
Vintage Linen – 2016.2.1

January, 2016

Robot I

December, 2015

How do I quilt it

November, 2015

Pink Turtle – A finish

October, 2015

Black and green modern quilt
New Bible bag
Black Irish chain – customer quilt
Progress on the pink turtle
Vacation doodle
Church nurseries – toddler room

September, 2015

Quilts added to the store
Church nurseries – toddler room toy chest
Church nurseries – toddler room layout
Church nurseries – infant room
Church nurseries – infant room layout

August, 2015

Church nurseries – wall paint for toddler room
Church nurseries – wall paint for bathroom
Church nurseries – wall paint for infant room

July, 2015

Church nurseries – a new beginning
Emilie’s high school graduation and party
Let’s try this again

May, 2015

Cream Modern quilt – finished
Graduation – Announcement
Cream Modern quilt – quilting started
Pink Turtle – a start

April, 2015

Quilt exhibit

March, 2015

Cream Linen Runner
Black and Grey Quilt

February, 2015

Abstract Floral revised
Cream Modern quilt
Lilac Fairies
City quilt
Red and white modern quilt
Molly’s wedding quilt – the back
Molly’s wedding quilt – the top
Molly’s wedding quilt – starting

January, 2015

Framed Giraffe
New family member
Vacation project – the chair
Fabric dolls – Christmas presents
Vacation project – the kids bathroom
Vintage linen with deep purple border – finished
Vintage linen with deep purple border – the backing

October, 2014

Vintage linen with deep purple border
Bunny Panel – customer quilt back
Bunny Panel – customer quilt top
Black Border String Pieced customer quilt
Wedding ring – customer quilt finished
Wedding ring – customer quilt
Green and grey giraffes

August, 2014

Blue and tan curve pieced quilt – finished
Blue and tan curve pieced quilt – continued
Blue and tan curve pieced quilt
Linen Runner 2 available for purchase
Linen Runner 2
Linen Runner

July, 2014

Community quilt

June, 2014

Blue and pink flower linen – finish
Blue and pink flower linen – start
Summer is Here
Ribbon linen – finished

May, 2014

Ribbon linen – start
Quilting done on the linen quilt
Progress on the linen quilt
A new linen
An Anniversary Gift
Baby quilt
Abstract Leaves – update
Pensacola’s quilt show – Part 2
Pensacola’s quilt show – Part 1
Finished – Cena’s quilt at the show
Working on the blocks and setting triangles – Cena’s quilt
Working on the blocks – Cena’s quilt

April, 2014

A beginning – Cena’s quilt
Quilting for others
JoAnn’s Quilt
I love sunshine
Secret project revealed
A plug for Emilie
Baby gift

March, 2014

I have not forgotten how to blog

February, 2014

Play day
Customer Quilt
Customer Quilt

January, 2014

Linen quilt – complete
Family Quilt

December, 2013

Customer Quilt
Customer Quilt
Modern Birds
Me and My Man
Updated – linen quilt

November, 2013

Updated – linen quilt
Purple/Grey diaper bag
Curves table Runner – Final post

October, 2013

On the long-arm
Deer Linen quilt
Curves Table Runner – update
Finding inspiration
New “secret” project
A finish – Revisiting Bling

September, 2013

Guild Project
Guild Project
Modern Pinwheels
On the long-arm
Curves Table Runner

August, 2013

A finish
Bible cases
A finish
Vacation – um, no
300th Post
Revisiting Bling – 2.1
A challenging finish
Revisiting Bling
A Wedding Quilt

July, 2013

A finish
On the long-arm
Panel stitch sampler
Baby Turtle finished
Baby Turtle update – on the long arm
Baby Turtle update
Baby Turtle start
Oval Stitch sampler done
Oval Stitch sampler
Guild Project
Abstract Leaves – update
A finish x 2
Rand’s Quilt finished
On the Long-arm
A finish

June, 2013

A Guild Project
A finish
On the Long-arm
Abstract Leaves – Update
Turtle Quilted
New Stitch sampler
Curved Piecing and Design class – 6 hours
A finish

May, 2013

On the Long-arm
A new bag for Emilie
The Wedding Quilt
Binding Class – 3 hours
Guild Project
Mom’s Quilt – A finish
On the Long-arm
Abstract Leaves – update
A Finish
On the Long-arm
Abstract Leaves – update
A Strange Creature and Something New
A Finish
On the Long-arm

April, 2013

Abstract Leaves – The beginning
On the Long-arm
Chair re-do
Diaper Bag
My girl
On the Long-arm
New Nursery banner
On the Long-arm
Finished – class project
A Day Away
Life in Florida

March, 2013

Pug in a blanket
Class with Cindy Needham
On the Long-arm today
Grey Elephants – Part 2
Grey Elephants – Part 1
Guild project
Feather “Latte”
Turtle pattern in the works
Full Freebie
Free Frogs
Baby Elephant Walk

February, 2013

Block 9 of 12
Quilting for Mom
Baby P
Projects and Critters
“Owl in the Tree” quilt – Part 2
“Owl in the Tree” quilt – Part 1

January, 2013

New – to me – Barstool
My extra large ironing board
Completed Postcard Project
Kitchen Remodel – Progress
Postcard project – Y and Z
How they grow!

December, 2012

Small quilted tote bag
Yellow and green quilt
Stitch sampler – Finally done
Leoma’s quilt
Postcard project – V-X
Quilted Large Tote with Zippered bag – Tutorial (part 5)
Stitch sampler – 6

November, 2012

Stitch sampler – 5

October, 2012

Quilted Large Tote with Zippered bag – Tutorial – part 4
Sheila’s quilt
Quilted Large Tote with Zippered bag – Tutorial (part 3)
Stitch sampler – 4
Stitch sampler – 3
Postcard project – U
Quilted Large Tote with Zippered bag – Tutorial part 2
Stitch sampler – 2
Stitch sampler – 1
Quilted Large Tote with Zippered bag – Tutorial part 1
Time Away
Postcard Project: S-T
Zebra baby quilt – gift

September, 2012

Curved Pinwheels
Fractured Ducky
Mark’s Quilt
Postcard Project: M-R
Pumpkin Harvest
Pinwheels and Flowers
Fractured flowers
Fractured birds
Batik corduroy quilt
Nursery Banners

August, 2012

Quilted tote bags for sale
Garden lizard finished
Tutorials page added
Gift for “G”
Where has the summer gone?

July, 2012

Summer, UFO’s and an Ottoman
Postcard Project: H-L

May, 2012

Wedding Quilt Photo shoot
Postcard project – F & G, more dolls
Beautiful day in Fairhope,Alabama
A day just for pictures

April, 2012

Clothes-Pin Dolls
Postcard project – D & E
Postcard project – A,B,C
Wedding quilt – Center
Wedding Quilt – feather post
Wedding quilt – quilting day 3

March, 2012

Wedding quilt – quilting day 1
On to the Basting
The Marking has Begun
A big win

February, 2012

The Trail less Traveled
Fabrics from a friend
A pile of scraps and an Idea
Zen tangle

January, 2012

Emilie’s new blog
Abigail’s quilt – finished
Abigail’s quilt – beginning
Baby quilt
New Year’s Eve on the Gulf Coast
Patching a split seam
Delivering the Quilts

December, 2011

Christmas Project Update -Quilts
Christmas Project Update -Quilts
Christmas Project Update -Quilts
Baby Shower and our new baby
Christmas Project 2011

November, 2011

Christmas Project update – Quilts
Christmas Project update – Quilts
Christmas Project update – Quilts
Christmas Project update – Quilts

October, 2011

Christmas Project Update
Random thoughts
Wedding Quilt – Part 2
Christmas Project Update
Birthday Wishes
2011 Christmas Project
Wedding Quilt – Part 1

August, 2011

Soaking and Blocking
Amazing Find
Progress on Quilting Challenge
Addalyn’s shower gift
Quilting Challenge
Frog quilt pieced
Pensacola Quilter’s Guid 2012 Show Quilt
Where did the month go?

July, 2011

Bags, bags and more bags!

June, 2011

I am in a Zippered bag craze
New iPad sleeves and Quilts for sale
4 year blog-versary
Fractured quilts 4 and 5
Fractured quilts 2 and 3
Paper piecing project and new design

May, 2011

2 year old love
New baby quilt
PQG Quilt – 6 and new things
PQG Quilt – 5 and Baby Quilt
Quilting Studio
PQG Quilt – 4

April, 2011

PQG – 3
PQG Quilt – 2
Sewing Classes
PQG Quilt

March, 2011

The store is open
Finished Projects
Chasing the rainbow challenge

January, 2011

I’ve been Published
Progress on Frog Quilt and Sewing Camp
New quilt
Getting ready for sewing camp
Pictures on the beach
Daylight Donuts, Pensacola Florida
Christmas Projects

November, 2010

Fish quilt and new iPad cases
Painted Fairy II
iPad Sleeves and Creative Slump

September, 2010

Painted Fairy I

August, 2010

Creating a background for embellishment
Kids Quilts
Hugs and Smiles
Painting on fabric
Whole-cloth design class
Kids Sewing Class – zippered bags

June, 2010

Boxed and Ready
Fun and Frenzy

May, 2010

Busy Spring

April, 2010


March, 2010

New project
Dominoe’s Passing
2010 Quilt Show Ribbons

February, 2010

Show Results and awards
Opening Night
Show week has begun
Show time

January, 2010


December, 2009

Blocking my Quilt
7 quilts for 7 kids
November is gone

October, 2009

Speaking at the GSQA meeting
Quilting a large quilt – our first video
Whole cloth hummingbird and flower – new project
Sunbonnet Sue 2

September, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue 1

August, 2009

Accepted into Des Moines
In Her Arms at Knoxville
Burned motor

July, 2009

New feather
New projects
New curves project

June, 2009

New class – How do I quilt this?
Knoxville here we come!

May, 2009

Sewing Lessons
Painted faces
New Curved quilt
New things

April, 2009

Video review – Complex Cloth
Marbling Fabric with Shaving Cream

March, 2009

Loving Florida / New Projects
Embellishment class 3/28/2009
A “WIN” at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show 2009
“In Her Arms”

February, 2009

First machine quilting workshop

January, 2009

Secret Project

December, 2008

Christmas Day 2008
Franny’s Bag

November, 2008

Guild Meeting – November 2008
Curves – November
Machine Quilting Program
Sneak Peek of Fairy quilt

October, 2008

New project for November
Emilie’s room

September, 2008

Book review – “Nature’s Studio” by Joan Colvin
Toad thread sketch
First thread sketching class

August, 2008

Nashville 2008 trip
A work in progress-Shades of Nature challenge
Curve Block 1
New curves
Garden lizard thread sketch

July, 2008

Quilting Classes
End of July
Quilting class
Trying new things

April, 2008

Blue Ribbons

March, 2008

Pensacola Quilter’s Guild Show Week

February, 2008


January, 2008

New Year

November, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007
Busy, Busy

October, 2007


August, 2007

Nashville AQS show 2007
River Bed
Hummingbird Song

July, 2007

Tops and more tops

June, 2007

It’s Finally Done!