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Published on 10/27/11

So much has been going on in our family – some funny, some sad, and some…well, I do have 2 teenagers in the house and one who wishes he was.

My youngest experienced the death of his beloved lizard, Calvin, about a month ago. He is buried under the “lizard” tree in the front yard. Several of our beloved small pets (i.e. yard lizards, fish, frogs, etc.) are buried out there. My husband decided to go ahead and buy a new lizard that Garrett and him could share. It is a baby crested gecko, which he tells me are very hearty and easy to care for. We will see. At least he is kind of cute. They named him Hobbs.

New attached image

I also am loving the Florida weather right now. Cooler mornings and evenings and not so hot in the afternoons. I have even had some time to get out in the flower bed.

New attached image

Now to the funny… Logan. He has started his teenage growth spurt and is EATING all the time.

New attached image


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