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Published on 02/26/10

I am so EXCITED! Each of my quilts ended up with a ribbon.

My Lily (In the Garden I) got a 1st and a Judges Recognition for machine quilting.

“In Her Arms” got a 2nd place. (It is hard competing against yourself. Both of my large curved pieced quilts ended up in the same category.)

“Serenity” – my fairy quilt got a 3rd in the art quilt category.

“Hummingbirds in my Garden” – the whole cloth quilt got a 3rd place.

The show set-up is just beautiful and it is so much fun to look at all the fabulous quilts. I will try to post pictures of the show soon. Tomorrow we start teaching classes!

New attached image


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On 02/26/10 Sharon Lauke said:

Great picture. Ingrid, you sure look like Emilie in this shot. Bet you're all tickled pink over your results.

On 02/26/10 Peggy Whitcher said:

Ingrid, Congratulations!!! Finally you got the recognition that you deserve!!! so happy for you. What fun you and Emilie will have this week.

On 02/26/10 bonnie evan said:

As Laurence Welk would say....wonderful ,wonderful!! I am eager to see what the ribbons look like. The quilts are fabulous and it will be fun to see the quilting up close. Eager to hear what the judges comments are. b

On 02/27/10 Kim Brackett said:

Congratulations, Ingrid! I'm on my way there now to check it out. Your quilts are stunning!

On 02/28/10 Jennifer Burt said:

Ingrid—Congrats on all your beautiful work!!! It was good to see you today. Along with your beautiful work, you are a good teacher—enjoyed the class.

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