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Fish quilt and new iPad cases

Published on 11/20/10

I have been busy the past few weeks. A friend at our church is having a baby and her shower was today. I was planning to do a “generic” baby boy quilt with trucks and planes (fabric from my stash) and then I found out that they were doing tropical fish in the nursery. I got to buy fabric! I had the accent fabrics already, it was a perfect match.

New attached image

Here is a close-up of the wonderful fish fabric.

New attached image

This is the back. It got a little larger than I planned and I ended up having to piece the back.

New attached image

I had also gotten a book out at the library about stuffed animals made with fleece. I wanted to make a “quilted” turtle for the baby. I adapted the pattern a little to make it easier with the quilted fabric. I added a music box inside. I think I have a new fun thing to send with a baby quilt now. The owl will be given as a Christmas present.

New attached image

New attached image

I have also been working on new iPad designs for our new website.

New attached image

New attached image


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