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Published on 02/12/10

I have finished the quilts for the Pensacola Quilter’s Guild Show that is being held February 26-28th. The quilts have to be turned in next week – so cutting it a little close. I am looking forward to reading the judges comments – good or bad. We have a national judge coming in for the show – Scott Murkin. The large shows that I enter in do not have the opportunity (time) for comments, so I am going to make good use of anything he takes time to say. He actually was one of the judges at the show I entered “In Her Arms” into last summer.

My next project is putting together a lecture on color – one of my favorite topics. I am hoping to get several small sample quilts made for it. I will post pictures of my progress.

I am also brain-storming for my next big quilt. I am thinking it will be of a butterfly but am having a hard time with what technique to use – curved piecing or fibers. Maybe I will have to do one of each!


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On 02/16/10 bonnie evan said:

Yes!!!! do one of each !!! Have Emilie do one also. Maybe I'll do one also. b

On 02/23/10 Aunt Sharon said:

AHHHHHHH Another butterfly! Larry won't let me get any more quilts ;-(

On 02/24/10 Scott Murkin said:

If you like getting comments back about your quilts, consider entering the NQA show—they return very thorough, typed, critiques on each quilt.

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