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iPad Sleeves and Creative Slump

Published on 11/02/10

October is usually a time of a creative slump for me. I don’t know if it is because the kids school schedule, home and work all get so busy – or just a weird time for me. I do know that if I do not have a hard deadline for a project, I usually do not get any “quilting” done. This year I have decided to not enter the AQS Knoxville quilt show in 2011, so I have not had the drive to get the frog quilt done. I will probably work towards entering it into the Des Moines show later in the year.

So, instead of working on a big project, I have been working on several small projects. Last month my husband asked if I would make a quilted sleeve for his iPad. The case he had purchased for it was already falling apart and he needed something to protect it while it was not in use. This was a fun project for me and it turned out so cool. A teenager at our church saw it and asked for one for his birthday. Now my brain was really going.

New attached image

Mark and I have decided to start a new business venture in making iPad sleeves. I enjoy this project because I get to make a lot of “small quilts.” I am making about 5 sleeves in each pattern which is just long enough to play with a new piecing, quilting or embellishment technique and then I get to move on to something new. It has started to jump-start my creative juices again.

To see the new web site and iPad cases visit our new site.

I have really enjoyed working with new fabrics- such as silk ties. Emilie (my daughter) drew a key design that I fused to organza to put on the front of one of the sleeves. I also have been re-learning some hand embroidery stitches. I am having so mush fun!

New attached image

New attached image


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