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Painted Fairy I

Published on 09/15/10

Emilie and I started a new project together. She really enjoys drawing and painting and wanted a new quilt to hang in her room, so I proposed a joint project. She drew the image of the fairy and planned the shape of the border. I quilted the piece and then we painted it together. I hope that this is just 1 in a series.

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

We used both Jacquard and Dye-n-flow fabric paints. The finished size is 18×16 inches.


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On 10/12/10 Tracy said:

It's beautiful! and such a wonderful project idea you can share together in tradition.

Thank you for sharing

On 10/25/10 Brenda said:

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I hope it's the first of many too!!! You have both done a wonderful job!! She is gorgeous!

On 11/07/12 Aunt Sharon said:

Love the colors and quilting in this one. Have your website on my favorites bar so I can check in regularly.

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