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Daylight Donuts, Pensacola Florida

Published on 01/05/11

Every now and then our family finds a place that we really enjoy going. There is a new donut shop in Pensacola that is really nice.

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Let me explain my credentials, or rather my “donut heritage”. Since I was small, I can remember my Dad daily getting his donuts and coffee. When I was about 7, on Sunday mornings on the way to church, Dad would always go to an area bakery for his donut and then thru the McDonald’s drive-thru for coffee. Later an official donut shop opened and Mom and Dad became good friends with most of the “regulars”. A few years ago, Dad told me how one of the ladies that worked across the street from his office would “hold” certain donuts for the men in his office if they were running low and she had not seen him yet. He is now on the verge of retirement and facing the problem of no good donut shops nearby their new house.

I am delighted to say that at least when he comes to visit, we will have a nice shop to take care of him. Dad has passed his love for donuts down to my youngest and this has become a bonding time for them.

Our family enjoyed both the donuts and the atmosphere of the new shop. We hope to visit often.

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