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Paper piecing project and new design

Published on 06/09/11

I have been having a great time sewing the past few days. My studio is a mess and that is fine for now – at least until Monday when I have another sewing class here. I was trying to piece at least 4 blocks on my paper piecing project – but got distracted this week. My Mom sent me some new pinks this week, which will be a big help. For some reason I do not buy many pinks. My bin of fabric scraps seems to be growing instead of shrinking.

New attached image

My distraction has been fractured quilt designs. I have been obsessing (fretting) over what to do for a guild program. (Mind you, it is not until January, but I like to be prepared.) My type A personality can be a real pain sometimes. I was going to use the paper piece project, before that I was planning on hand piecing a piclke-dish pattern and letting everyone do it at the meeting. The thought of tracing and cutting out all those shapes…....oh well. I have decided on doing a program on fractured quilts. For the past 2 days I have been cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing. I have 5 small quilt tops already with ideas for at least 2 more, and I haven’t even broke a sweat. I have fabrics that have been waiting in my stash for years for such a time as this! (Really…..some of them I have had for at least 10 years.)

On to the quilts. I will not include all the pictures in this one post because it will take forever for them all to load, so I will break them up into several posts.

The first one I made is still my favorite. I found the pattern for this in my idea file. A friend had given me a copy of it after I commented on her amazing sunflower design. It was written by Terri Kirchner for American Quilter magazine (Summer 2006).

New attached image

All the pieces cut and labeled. The pattern instructions were to use 4 – 4 1/2 in squares but I enlarged it to 9 inch squares and I am so glad that I did.

New attached image

The giraffe was what I thought was going to be the focal point, but the elephant and zebra stand out the most. New attached image


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