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Published on 10/01/12

New attached image The long-arm and I have been bonding this past week. I had decided to take some time off from it because I just could not get the tension how I wanted it. I had quilted a beautiful quilt top and at the last border decided that I could not go on. I hated the quilting. The thread was sitting on the top and I kept getting piles of loops on the back. It would quilt fine for awhile and then it was terrible. OHHHHHH boy – I was very unhappy! So unhappy, that I spent the next few weeks pulling out all of the quilting. I rarely pull out quilting.

Guess what – I had been threading the machine wrong. I was browsing some quilting videos one evening and decided to watch a video on speciality threads. Oh my, not only was I threading it wrong in one place – but in three.

Guess what else – the machine is quilting GREAT now. I put on a practice piece and have stitched to my heart’s content. I still will need to work on my control, but the stitches are beautiful!

In fact, it is doing so well that I plan to re-pin the quilt top (that I pulled out all the stitches on) back onto the long-arm.

New attached imageNew attached imageNew attached imageNew attached image


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