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“Owl in the Tree” quilt – Part 1

Published on 02/19/13

New attached image

So many of my friends are having babies again – so another batch of baby quilts. I do love a sweet baby quilt! This quilt was made for a Momma that loves owls.

New attached image

Sketching the pattern

I cut a piece of wax paper the size that I wanted the center of the quilt to be, and then sketched out the tree. When I was happy with the sketch, I traced it with a sharpie.

(This technique can also be done with fusible webbing. I chose to do it this way because:

  • It is for a baby quilt and I want it to be very soft.
  • It would use a lot of fusible.
  • I do not care for how fusible webbing gums up my needle.
  • I want the edges of the tree to fray and look rough like tree bark.

New attached image

Preparing the muslin

Cut a piece of muslin the same size as your freezer paper pattern. Fold and press the muslin in half and then again to find the center.

New attached image New attached image

Preparing the fabric and pattern

Iron the freezer paper pattern to the wrong side of the theme fabric. Make sure that the fabric and the paper pattern are attached well. With the freezer paper/theme fabric attached fold the pattern in half and then again to find the center. Press.

Cut out the pattern. (If you cut it out carefully and in one piece, you will end up with a negative image to use for another quilt.)

Carefully remove the freezer paper from the theme fabric.

New attached image

Place and glue tree to the muslin

Using the faint pressing marks on the tree, line it up to the pressing lines on the muslin. (I did this on my large ironing board, which ended up being the perfect size for this project.)

Using a small amount of fabric glue (Aleen’s) or a glue stick, glue down the edges of the tree to the muslin background. I then ironed it down to dry the glue.

Repeat these steps for the owl.

New attached image

Stitching down the tree and owl

Now that the glue is dry and the pieces temporarily secured, move the piece to your sewing machine. Stitch around all of the pieces about 1/8th of on inch from the edge. If you fall off the edge, don not worry, just go back and catch the area you missed. You will be adding more stitching to these areas when you do the quilting. I did this step with my free-motion quilting foot, but it could also be done with a regular piecing foot. The free-motion foot is easier since you do not need to lift up and turn the quilt as you work.

New attached image

Lay out and sew together the border pieces

I thought I had measured and planned the center piece to fit perfectly, but it was a little bit too small. Once all the border pieces were together, it was hardly noticeable that one piece in the top and bottom rows was slightly (1 inch) thinner than the others.

Part 2 coming soon – The quilting


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