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Published on 12/16/12

I have not been getting a lot of quilting done recently since I have been distracted with a rather large project. We are remodeling our kitchen. When I say “we” I mean my husband and I are doing all the work. He is quite handy – has learned electrical re-wiring, dry wall and some carpentry.

We decided to take a wall out that was separating the kitchen from a small dining room. I am so happy with the progress so far. I have spent my time in re-painting furniture and reorganizing everything.

New attached image

This is a large dresser that we found at a local thrift store for $30. I love how big it is. Mark took out the top 2 drawers and made a shelf where we will be keeping our every-day dishes.

New attached image

I love the black and yellow!

I also painted the kitchen table – and repeated the black with a thin yellow stripe. I am on the look out for some cheep sturdy chairs that I can paint black.

New attached image

I have one more hutch to paint. With the weather turning, I will probably ned to set up a pint booth on the deck.

I also have fallen in love with glass etching. It looks so nice a clean and is easy to do. I also makes great gifts.

New attached image New attached image


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