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Chasing the rainbow challenge

Published on 03/12/11

The Pensacola Quilter’s Guild challenge this year was definitely a challenge for me. The rules were that we had to match our quilt colors to the colors on our fabric swatch, it was to be about 36 inches square and it had to have at least one square in a square block. I was having problems coming up with an idea that included the very traditional square in a square block but then decided that I would make 5 separate quilts and then attach them to create the look of a square in a square block.

The center of the quilt was done in a free-form piecing manner. I other words, I took fabrics that I had that matched my swatch and just started putting them together with minimal cutting. Once the background was large enough for the base, I started cutting it up and sewing in small pink strips. It was again cut apart, shuffled and sewn back together again.

The 4 corner pieces were painted with gold fabric paint and then heavy beaded.

I am really happy with the finished product. I was surprised how dark the piece turned out though.

New attached image

Fabric Swatch

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image


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