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Church nurseries – toddler room

Published on 10/04/15

The toddler room turned out fantastic. The children love all the details and extra play room. New attached image


New attached image The fabric poufs were made as fun seating for the children to sit and read books or play. They are about 12 inches high with a 18 inch circular top. I picked graphic top fabric for the top and black with colored piping for the sides. They are stuffed with old towels and fabric bits. One piece of 3 inch foam cut into a circle was placed at the top to help the pouf keep it’s shape. This are easy to make and much cheaper than buying them – the kids love them.

Paper Chandelier

New attached image One of my favorite decorations in this room is the paper chandelier. I cut the circles out of yardstick using a Big Shot. They are sew together and tied to ribbon wrapped metal circles. The hardest part of this project was hanging it – we used fishing line to attach the three layers and make a hanging loop. It to Mark awhile to get them all level. We were able to hang it directly below the air conditioning vent which makes it twirl.

Paper Flowers

New attached imageNew attached image I found a tutorial by Avanti Morocha on You Tube and had to try them. They range in size from 12 inches across to about 30 inches. Needless to say, I used a lot of hot glue making them.

Storage and shelving

New attached image We had a work station area installed for storing all the workbooks and art supplies in the lower cabinets. The upper shelves hold all the “table time” activities and extra storage. I am now able to keep all the Bible lesson materials at church instead of in my studio!

White Board Awning

New attached image I saw so many cute fabric awnings when doing research on decorating this room that we had to try it ourselves. We used plant hangers form Lowes to hold up the lower edge of the awning. I think it add a touch of whimsy to the room and softens the white board.


New attached image We made an abacus for each of the nurseries. The wooden beads were found at Hobby Lobby. Mark made “shadow box” and drilled holes for the wooden dowels. We are hoping the wooden dowels will be strong enough. I love all the different shapes and colors.

We are ordering new tables but for now our covered folding tables are working well in the space. New attached image A few new projects are still being developed – a flip down train table and play kitchen. New attached image


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