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Thanksgiving 2007

Published on 11/26/07

We had such a good week!

Monday evening I presented a machine quilting program to the Pensacola Quilter’s Guild. I think I talked for about 1 1/2 hours but could have gone much longer. I have so much fun talking about quilting and showing some of the fun things I have been able to do with it. My mom was able to come with me to the meeting.

Mom and I had fun trying some non-traditional things this week. She made a really cool piece of fabric using muslin for the base, then elmers white glue to adhere tissue paper and a few vinca flowers from the garden. The end result was very cool and flexible enough to stitch through. I discovered that you can stamp and emboss directly on fabric – a very cool effect. The embossing heat tool can also be used to burn organza!

We also made a very non-traditional dinner on Thanksgiving day. With an abundance of fresh seafood from the Gulf, we had shrimp, fish and crab claws. We are making the Turkey this week. :)


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