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Yellow and green quilt

Published on 12/23/12

New attached imageA few months ago I made a decision that I rarely make – to rip out quilting an a quilt that was almost entirely quilted. Yes, I know, that is a little obsessive. I blogged about my frustrations and problem solving back on this post. Some may say that what I did was over-the-top or crazy. I feel, as in many aspects of life, that if you want to succeed in life you have to make the hard choices. Some may say (and have said) that I am not truly an artist but merely a technician. That the way things turn out should be spontaneous and relaxing. I do not think that many of these people have truly met a “true artist.” I think that true artist’s are some of the most critical and tortured technicians. They practice and hone their skills so that it time it may appear effortless to those around them.

Anyway – my rant now over – here is the quilt I decided to pull out the quilting. I did put it back on the long-arm. Yes, I could have done a beautiful job with the quilting on my Bernina, but I am trying to stretch myself and add new skills. I am happy with the quilting. My control is getting better and I am so happy that I made the hard choice and pulled out the quilting because the tension this time is perfect.

I have no idea why the colors are so different in these pictures-or why the quilt is so very lopsided. =) The color of the quilt is somewhere between the two different variations.

New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image


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