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The Marking has Begun

Published on 03/27/12

I am finally recovered from the quilt show. I did not realize how worn down I was until the last night of the show when I was so tired I could not even sleep. Over a week later, and my mind/hands are craving something creative. I bought the fabrics for a wedding quilt about a month ago. (the wedding is in May- I know, right around the corner) I really like the greys in this and am hoping it reads as elegant-not dirty/old when I am done with it.

I had wanted to use the stamp that they are using on their wedding invitations, but it was much to complicated. I am doing another monogram piece like I did for my niece Abigail. I wanted to do this quilt a little larger – finished about 60 inches, but did not want a seam down the middle and not white. I ended up using a light grey for the center and added a 10 inch border to it.

New attached image

I had marked about 1/2 of the design and stopped yesterday in utter frustration. The design was very complex and the projector kept getting bumped. I would get it basically back in place and then – bumped again. I decided to either simplify or I was going to loose my mind. So I erased all my blue lines and started back over again today. Overall, I am much happier with the design and I think I will have a lot more fun quilting this.

New attached image

I did make some paper shapes this time to help me get things a little more accurate and symmetrical. I gave myself some guidelines for the feathers-they will still be organic as I do not mark the plumes only the stem. I put notches in the heart paper shape to help me keep the starts and stops of the shape somewhat even. I don not know why I had never thought of doing this before. It is similar to lining up the notches with garment sewing.

New attached image


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