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Book review – “Nature’s Studio” by Joan Colvin

Published on 09/24/08

I just read a wonderful book! Nature’s Studio by Joan Colvin is amazing. I really enjoyed her style of writing as well as her quilts. A friend let me borrow it for a few days – I am going to have a hard time giving it back to her. This is a book that I will probably get for my own library. It gives you ideas for getting started on fiber art quilts and has really good illustrations and photographs.

This is a small quilt I made after reading and getting some design instruction. The first image is a photograph Mark and Logan took on their recent camping trip. Aren’t the trees neat. The other images are my interpretation of the photo in a quilt.

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image


On 07/25/10 deborah cammarano said:

Hi, I just discovered Joan's books. I love them. You did a great piece! I am having trouble understanding the actual procedure for construction of her lovely masterpieces. Do you put the background fabric from top to bottom down first, and then the trees as in your case? Thanks so much, Deborah

On 07/26/10 Ingrid said:

Deborah - I am not sure if I did the construction the same way that she did. I did my background piece (one cool piece of fabric) and then added the different fibers. I used cotton fabrics, organza, yarn and wool roving. The bird and the yarn were felted down and the pieces loosely stitched down with the batting layered but not the backing fabric. I then added the backing fabric and machine quilted the piece. I hope this answered your question.

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