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Frog quilt pieced

Published on 08/08/11

I finally got the frog quilt pieced. It had been pinned to the design wall all summer and I had made no attempts at completing it. Every time I thought about working on it – I just could not make myself pick it up and get going on it. My husband told me to just take it down for awhile and work on something that excited me. Well, at one time I was so excited about THIS quilt. I guess his “reverse psychology” worked on me and I finished piecing it in just 3 days.

Now, I get to think about the quilting and may even get it done in time for the PQG 2012 quilt show.

New attached image

New attached image


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On 08/16/11 Aunt Jane said:

After this is finished, and you've exhibited it in next year's show, I would be interested in purchasing it. Seriously. Let me know.

On 08/16/11 Ingrid said:

@ Jane - I think you would have to fight Logan over it. One of his favorite things in the world are frogs and he has been begging me to finally get this thing finished. It is technically his quilt - though he will not "get it" for some time.

On 08/17/11 Aunt Sharon said:

I like this one. It is so reminiscent of Gulf Breeze. We had these critters all over our back windows at night.

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