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New curves project

Published on 07/15/09

I am doing a curves class on Friday and thought that I would start another small sample. The center is 4 of the same blocks rotating around the center. I was going to just put a tradition straight border on it and then started thinking about continuing the drawing all around the border. Here is the center block with one of the borders. I wanted to piece one of them to make sure I liked it – before investing the time into all 4 and then not liking it. Hopefully, I will have enough fabric for all 4 sides – they are all fat-quarters.

New attached image

This is the newest member of our family. How a girly-girly like me got stuck with sooooo many pets is a mystery. (1 bunny, 2 dogs, 3 lizards) His name is Calvin.

New attached image


On 07/21/09 Jane Slotemaker said:

I like the center, but I'm having trouble picturing the border. Do I understand you plan another 3 wedges around the center?

On 07/25/09 Ingrid said:

Yes, I am planning to put the border all around the center. I will post a picture when it is done.

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