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Quilting for Cena

Published on 03/13/16

I love doing quilting for Cena. She sends me pictures of the quilt in progress that helps get my brain in gear so when the quilt arrives I have a basic plan. We also met while she was working out some details in the piecing to talk about the idea behind the quilt. New attached image Once again it is a white quilt – which I LOVE. I decided to use only white thread – I actually used 60 weight thread in the top and bobbin – this makes s huge difference with backtracking and thread build-up. New attached image Te quilt was made for a color challenge and each of the pieced fabrics were to be in the quilt. I really like the whimsical feeling that the rick-rack and circles adds to the quilt. New attached image New attached image This is a view from the long-arm. New attached image I have a hard time deciding if I like the back of the front better. =) New attached image New attached image New attached image I used a double layer of polyester batting which made the quilting stand out awesome. New attached image New attached image New attached image This is an example of how I mark my quilts – the disadvantage to using the blue wash away markers is getting the quilt wet. Most of the fabrics in the quilt were not pre-washed, so there was some color bleeding – especially the reds. To help with this I recommend washing the quilt with a SMALL amount of blue dawn. New attached image New attached image


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