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Grey Elephants – Part 1

Published on 03/20/13

New attached image

Another baby quilt!

I have been having such fun making baby quilts.


New attached image

I found a wonderful background fabric – white with black dots. It washed up so nice and soft. I planned out how many rows that I wanted and then pressed lines so that I did not have to keep measuring. I could not use my blue wash away marker since I would be ironing them down.

Elephant fabrics

New attached image New attached image

I traced the elephant shape onto fusible webbing. I cut the ears and eyes out of the webbing before pressing the fusible to the grey and yellow fabrics for the elephant bodies. I found all the grey and yellow elephant fabrics in my scrap bin. The eyes, I kept all black. The ear fabrics were all found in my scrap bin as well.

Applique placement

New attached image New attached image

To make it easier to place the appliqué pieces, I traced the design with red marker onto transparency sheets. Wow! This worked great. It was easy to set the appliqué pieces facing right and left!

New attached image

Machine applique

New attached image New attached image

I used a grey thread for all of the machine appliqué. To stabilize the shape, I placed a piece of scrap paper behind the top. After finishing the satin stitch, I pulled the paper out.

Instead of doing a satin stitch around the eyes, I decided to just do a straight stitch and than a loop- to look like an eye.


On 06/23/14 Melodie Mills said:

My friend saw this quilt on Pinterest and LOVES it. She just found out she is having a baby. I would love to have it made for her - if I can afford it that is. Would you make it? And if so how much would you charge? You can email me if you would like with the information. My email is Hope to hear from you.

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