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Wedding quilt – quilting day 1

Published on 03/29/12

So many people ask me how I fit the quilt top in my Bernina and have room to move around. The wedding quilt is about 60 inches square – not the biggest that I have done but still plenty to fit under the needle. What I always say is that I just push all the other fabric out of the way and only concentrate on the area right inside my hands. Maybe a picture can explain it a little better.

New attached image

Here is a slightly different perspective.

New attached image

Better yet, maybe a very short and somewhat boring video will help even more. =)

I have started on the letter and fill design for the center of the quilt. I will be using at least 3, if not 4 different colored threads for the quilt. It makes the back really pretty also since I match the top and bobbin threads.

New attached image New attached image

That is all for today. The pebbles make my eyes so dry and tired and I have a special dinner tonight.


On 03/30/12 sharon said:

As a non-quilter, I was wondering what you were going to do when all those pins got in your way. Video was very informative. :)

On 03/31/12 Karen said:

I love the way your brain works :)!!! This is beautiful.

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