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Church nurseries – wall paint for infant room

Published on 08/04/15

In the infant room we chose a turquoise color as I wanted to add sea creature elements in the decorations. New attached image We had a little trouble with the tape because we were painting in 95% humidity in a building that did not have air conditioning yet. The walls were so wet that the tape had trouble sticking. We were not able to roll the paint on as planned but brushing it on worked fine. New attached image We used a large laser level to get the vertical lines and then added the slanted lines. I love that people see different things in the design – chevron, feathers, trees. I took 2 of us working about 6 hours to do it. (the wall was 24 feet long and 10 feet high)

The builders made us a new cubby wall unit that has 20 openings that we painted green. I love the contrast with the turquoise.

New attached image

The red chairs are so cool against the wall color.

New attached image


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