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Church nurseries – infant room

Published on 09/28/15

I am so pleased how this space turned out. We are loving the extra room. New attached image

The jellyfish

My Mom made one of the jellyfish and sent the second paper-mâché dome for me to use. These jellyfish are so fun to make.

  • I painted the dome with several coats of paint and then finished it with an acrylic clear sealer that gave it a nice shine. I also figured that it would make it easier to clean.
  • Punch holes around the lower rim with a hole punch.
  • Pull ribbon through the holes. I really enjoyed picking the different ribbons.
  • I bought toile on a roll for the middle and added some different ribbons from the outer area.

The jelly fish are not too heavy but to hang it, we used ceiling hooks with anchors. New attached image


I did 4 paintings for this space. I bought several bottles of acrylic paint and played. I looked for free clip art and then enlarged it to the size I needed. Thankfully, I had a little bit of spray adhesive left – I lightly sprayed the back of the paper then positioned it on the canvas. I also use blue painters tape to mask off the canvas before painting the black. New attached image New attached image

Ball drop

This is probably the “toy” that gets used the most. Mark laid out the design and then cut all the pieces out of 2” PVC pipe. Once the pipes were attached (glued with hot glue) we spray painted them. The background is a piece of plywood – used so we could use screws to attach the pipes and then something stable to attach to the wall. We chose the pipe size to use plastic golf balls (the ones with holes in them). New attached image


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