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PQG Quilt

Published on 04/05/11

I am so excited the have the Pensacola Quilter’s Guild next Opportunity quilt at my house and ready to be quilted. For those interested, I will try to keep a blog history. Sorry, no full photos until the big reveal for the Guild.

I was so grateful for the team that thread basted the quilt for me. I was nervous about it not being square when I started, so they took care of it for me. I am really enjoying having the quilt thread basted instead of pin basted in the simple fact that it is so much lighter. We also decided to use a wool batting. It has a higher loft ( puffy to get under the machine) but it is so much lighter.

I am having some spotty problems with puckering…so the seam ripper is coming out, but it is mainly with using the tracing paper designs. The loft of the wool batt is also helping with any fullness in the piecing.

Here are some initial pictures. I have a little over 12 hours in the quilting done.

Basting day. We basted it outside at a friend’s house. What a beautiful day.

New attached image

The quilt in the machine and ready to start the center.

New attached image

The center finished.

New attached image

The back of the quilt after the large circle is done and the first border section started.

New attached image

New attached image

The half-circles are done. The tracing paper design is pinned in place and ready to quilt through.

I had a little problem in this border. The initial drawings that I had done were 1 1/2 inches too large, so I sat and re-drafted the design today. Since I had already quilted the blue border with a similar design, I was able to to free-hand draw the next border without getting the projector and my source drawings out. I guess the brain really does get “muscle memory” when quilting new designs.

New attached image


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