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In Her Arms at Knoxville

Published on 08/08/09

In Her Arms

A friend sent me a picture when she was at the Knoxville show. Even though it did not win anything, it is nice to see it hanging.


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On 08/10/09 grandma bonnie said:

I really really like that quilt and wish it was not so large.… we caught two baby coons last night and a small yellow cat. I let the cat go at 3AM but didn't know how to reset the I do! One coon was very sweet and the other just kept hissing at me so I didn't spend much time talking to that one. Paul's friend is relocating them for us. Andy and Paul went fishing last evening and had a really nice time. Paul has a small boat and trolling motor that he keeps at a friend's place, they have a small dock on a small lake, Nice.

On 08/11/09 Jane Slotemaker said:

There must have been some fierce competition, if "In her arms" didn/t win anything.

On 08/11/09 Aunt Sharon said:

Knowing the name and seeing it from afar helped me understand what this was. From this view it's even clearer. I love the colors. Did Mark come up with the design. I understand Bonnie's coons. Ours have the two personalities too. Caught another chipmunk the other night. I have an awesome picture of a spider and it's catch to make into a post card for Logan.

On 08/11/09 grandma bonnie said:

have you heard anything about your "fairy" quilt going to the show???

On 08/11/09 ingrid said:

I came up with the design for In Her Arms - Mark helped a lot with getting it scanned into the computer and tracing it so that I could blow it up large enough. I have not heard about the fairy quilt getting in yet - hopefully I will by next week.

On 08/12/09 Aunt Sharon said:

Larry said I can't get any more quilts. I love my luna moth! Don't have any more loft railings to display them anyway. What show are you entering now?

On 08/12/09 ingrid said:

I have entered the "fairy" quilt into the AQS Des Moines show that is in October.

On 08/24/09 Aunt Sharon said:

It was so good to see the fairy quilt in person this weekend. The pictures can't do it justice..The luminosity and other embelishments don't show.

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