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Postcard project – F & G, more dolls

Published on 05/16/12

Here are the next two postcards. I am having so much fun with these. I am glad Emma is enjoying them!

F is for Frog

The frog is black velvet.

New attached image

G is for Garrett and Gus

New attached image

These are the last 3 dolls. The next set, I am going to attempt arms.

New attached image

The ruching on the shawl is my favorite. But the wedding dress is a close second. The options are endless!

New attached image

The wedding quilt is done – at least the quilting is done! I am blocking the quilt. To do this, I put the quilt in my bathtub with cool water and agitate it. This removes all the blue ink I used for marking and gets the quilt nice and wet. I then lay it flat on the floor of the studio with a fan on it. It is important to not move it until it is completely dry. This helps get rid of any distortion that occurred with the quilting. I then square up the quilt before putting the binding on. This is another reason that I always pre-wash my fabrics. If it is going to bleed, this is the time that it is really bad, since it is so wet and just laying there.

New attached image


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