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Painting on fabric

Published on 08/03/10

While visiting the Knoxville AQS Quilt Show, I was amazed by a hand painted quilt. Since it was in a booth I was unable to take any photographs. While there, I ended up buying a jar of Dye-n-flow fabric paint made by Jacquard. I had used some of their other paints with marbling and had heard of this paint from a quilting friend but was never able to find it in the stores in our area. The Dye-n-flow paint is very runny and it just takes a little to paint in the areas. You use a semi-dry brush technique. It is better to do it too light and then come back and add more than to add a lot on the brush, because it will run. Here is a sample I have tried it on.

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

I LOVE finding new things to try at quilt shows!


On 08/13/10 Aunt Jane said:

Wow, this is really pretty! Different for you, I expect, to stitch first and then color.

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