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PQG Quilt – 6 and new things

Published on 05/24/11

Well, the Pensacola Quilter’s Guild Opportunity Quilt is safely in someone else’s hands now. The quilting is FINISHED! I logged 56 hours of quilting. I figure that the design work, sketching patterns, quilting, pulling paper and basting threads took in all 75-80 hours. ( My kids also helped out with pulling off the tracing paper which was such a BIG help.) Not bad for a quilt that measures 100 inches square.

Here are some of the last detail shots and a teaser. I will try to post a final picture after the binding is on and the “reveal” for the Guild.

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

I am working on a few new projects and finishing up some old ones. I have had a piece of fabric from my grandmother that I have been wanting to use for some time. I finally found a design for it. The squares are 2 1/4”. I think it is going to be a stunning quilt!

New attached image

New attached image


On 05/24/11 mark said:

Hey, Cutie. I am proud of you for working so hard on the quilt. I know it was a big stress for you having it hanging over your head, but you got it done and it looks fantastic.

On 05/26/11 grandma bonnie said:

I really really like the way you are using the new "old" fabric. May have to copy that one! b

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