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2 year old love

Published on 05/27/11

There are few things in life that bring me more joy than a group of 2-3 year olds. (Mind you mine are all older.) There is something about that age that makes me giggle and just want to play. I love their sticky hugs and wet kisses.

Friends of ours had their 2 year old spend the night last night. He fell asleep with his 2 stuffed dinosaurs. When I heard talking this morning, I went in the bedroom and found my 14 year old daughter and him laying on their stomachs talking about the trees in the backyard. Granted, he refused to eat anything I made him to eat, but he was going home to Mommy mid-morning and then she could worry about it.

My boys never got into the dinosaur craze – so there has never been a need for a dinosaur quilt - until now. Kaelen went home mid-morning and I got to work. The whole family is coming back over tonight and I was determined to make a small cuddle quilt for him.

New attached image

New attached image

New attached image

The dinosaur image came from an on-line coloring sheet. I love personalizing the quilting – so I wrote his name at the bottom. New attached image


On 05/29/11 Aunt Jane said:

Ingrid, this is so CUTE! I am impressed with your speedy work, and the wavy design is just perfect for the subject. Wow!

On 06/04/11 Julie said:

I had fun perusing your pictures tonight. You are so talented and I LOVE your new quilting studio! Wish we were closer so the girls could take one of your classes.

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