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Vacation project – the kids bathroom

Published on 01/21/15

Pintest is now the dreaded word in my house. I looked at ideas for the kid’s bathroom for about a month – but we ended up with something really pretty. New attached image I wanted some cool art for in the vanity room. I was thinking about doing some vintage botanical prints but I could not find any that I liked. I was at the bookstore looking and found a beautiful “Alice and Wonderland” book for $5 on sale. It was perfect! I also hit a sale on the frames that I painted cream. The artwork ended up costing about $30 total for 5 amazing “prints”. New attached image Mark stained and put about 6 heavy coats of polyurethane on the new countertop. I ordered the vessel sink on-line. I love the clean look of the now cream cabinet and teal walls. For storage I found 2 wall cubbies for the kids to put all of their bathroom stuff – so everything has it’s place. We left them on the counter behind the sink instead of putting them up on the wall. New attached image And to think the whole idea was based on one piece of fabric – this time the shower curtain. I have no idea how many stores I took this piece of fabric into. New attached image


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