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Bits & Pieces

Cena’s Quilt

Published on 02/06/18

I had the opportunity to work on another one of Cena’s quilts. She always gives me something fabulous to work on and this quilt was no exception. It also helps that the focus fabric is in my favorite color. New attached image I knew up front that this was going to be a “show quilt” and I wanted to push my design process. She let me do a double batting (80/20) which would make the quilting ‘Pop” and the appliqué shapes stand out as well. New attached image I did not get a picture of the whole quilt – I will post some after a show, but did get a lot of detail shots. We are considering this our first collaborative quilt. I work on it for about 3 months- every day that I was not working I was quilting. . New attached image New attached image I learned so much from this quilt. New attached image She always has really fun backs. New attached image New attached image

Sew Day Jan-18

Published on 02/01/18

We had a very productive day during our monthly sew day. Four ladies were able to come and we got several quilt tops completed.

New attached image

We were being so careful to keep the blocks lined up the right way but still seemed to turn two of them.

New attached image New attached image

Baby Adam’s quilt

Published on 01/28/18

This is another quilt that was pieced by the Sew Group. Once again we used some orphan blocks and then set them with sashing from my scrap drawer. New attached image Each of the blocks have a different setting and so it seemed proper to quilt them all a little bit differently. New attached image It has a bright and cheerful pieced backing. New attached image

Storage Hint

If only a few inches are left on a piece of fabric, I cut them into fabric strips. My favorite width is 2 1/2 inches wide but I go down to as small as 1 inch. I only use fabric that goes from one selvage to the other. These strips can be used for lots of things like: binding, inner borders, sashing, and for sewing strattas.

Brenda’s Quilt

Published on 01/22/18

This signature quilt was made by Brenda as a wedding gift to her son and new daughter-in-law. (at least I think that is right) The quilt top was pieced by several different family members which Brenda told me needed a little “unsewing” in places. The cream blocks were signed by wedding guests and the setting fabrics were scrappy but meaningful (tennis, military, boats) for the family. New attached image New attached image My biggest challenge for this quilt was coming up with a design that added texture to the signature blocks but did not overwhelm them. About two days before I started quilting Renae Haddadin posted a video of the filler design I used. Thank goodness for You Tube. I love the light green thread on the blocks and you can still read the writing well. New attached image Brenda also gave me a great backing fabric to work with. I used a Hobb’s 80/20 batting and a light green thread throughout. This quilt took a ton of thread. New attached image New attached image

Circle Challenge

Published on 01/20/18

New attached image New attached image

Sometimes having accountability helps me to be more productive. There are a lot of “challenges” out there, I especially like the sewing challenges where they only wear clothes that they make – it is inspiring to me even though I do not sew clothes. I am so often working on other people’s quilts that my own creativity gets put on the back burner.

I have decided this year to challenge myself to at least one Circle block per week – hopefully more. It takes me about 30 minutes to piece one of these blocks depending on the complexity. Since I am doing this I may as share it.

All of the blocks will show up on my Circle Challenge blog posts. I will be posting drawings for each of the blocks that will be available for download. I am also posting a basic pictorial tutorial. Part 1 and Part 2 I am happy to help anyway I can. Just use the comments section and I will get back to you.


New attached image