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Circle Challenge

Published on 01/20/18

New attached image New attached image

Sometimes having accountability helps me to be more productive. There are a lot of “challenges” out there, I especially like the sewing challenges where they only wear clothes that they make – it is inspiring to me even though I do not sew clothes. I am so often working on other people’s quilts that my own creativity gets put on the back burner.

I have decided this year to challenge myself to at least one Circle block per week – hopefully more. It takes me about 30 minutes to piece one of these blocks depending on the complexity. Since I am doing this I may as share it.

All of the blocks will show up on my Circle Challenge blog posts. I will be posting drawings for each of the blocks that will be available for download. I am also posting a basic pictorial tutorial. Part 1 and Part 2 I am happy to help anyway I can. Just use the comments section and I will get back to you.


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Baby Lucy’s Quilt

Published on 01/19/18

New attached image Lucy is already “cruising” and I am just now posting pictures of her quilt. This quilt was made during Sew Group and was one of our first quilts. I love the vintage looking fabrics – most of them I got from my sister. New attached image New attached image The quilting is so pretty with the soft yellow backing. New attached image New attached image Lucy was also going to have a “big” sister who was about 2 years old and in love with babies so we decided to make a coordinating baby doll blanket so JoAnna could hold her doll while Mom was caring for baby Lucy. New attached image New attached image

Baby Josiah’s quilt

Published on 01/15/18

New attached image Another church baby – another quilt. Love making baby quilts. New attached image This time I raided my solids stash and added a cute theme print. I also had a little fun with the quilting. New attached image New attached image It is always fun to have a fun backing. New attached image

Sweet baby girl

Published on 01/11/18

New attached image One of my co-worker’s wife just had baby number 6. I don’t always give quilts to co-workers when they have babies but Barry is an awesome guy. (Plus I had a sweet quilt top laying around and just waiting to be quilted) New attached image New attached image I also made a couple matching large receiving blankets. New attached image

Our quilt is at Fall Paducah

Published on 01/09/18

Our Opportunity quilt was accepted into the Fall Paducah AQS quilt show. We did not win any awards but our quilt will be in the 2019 AQS Quilt Engagement calendar!!

Both Cena and I were able to go and stand by our quilt. New attached image

What made this trip even more fun is that Mark, Jen and Dave (sister and her husband) and my parents all went to the show. It had been on my Mother’s bucket list to go to this show with my sister and I. We also went to the quilt museum which was AMAZING.

New attached image

Information on our quilt show is at

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