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Bits & Pieces

Sew Day quilts

Published on 05/22/18

Our ladies sew day has been working hard on several quilts.

We started a Faux Bargello project several months ago. It will be fun to see these finished and find “homes” for them. New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image I was able to get this fun quilt finished for a Momma having her first baby. New attached image New attached image

Works in progress

Published on 05/17/18

This past month I was able to take a class from Gail Garber. It was an all day design class – we did not get to any sewing. This is the small section I made when I got home. New attached image

I am working on a “secret” project for a challenge using her technique. I will try to post pictures as I can. New attached image

I am also working on a appliqué quilt that I started MANY years ago. The main blocks are a pattern by Piece of Cake with a few alterations. I am hoping to have it done by our next quilt show. New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image

Overlay No.1

Published on 05/14/18

New attached image This quilt was another of my curve piecing “experiments’. It started as a free form drawing on a large sheet of paper pinned to my design wall. New attached image I absolutely love the color combination. The design looked somewhat floral to me with a large overlay. New attached image I had fun with the quilting designs. I tried a new thread in my machine for this quilt – did not enjoy doing the quilting as the thread continued to shred and break. I had planned for this to be a traveling competition quilt but the tread problems will prevent this. New attached image Instead of a normal binding, I decided to face this quilt to give it a more “art quilt” finish. The final project looks nice and hopefully it will find a “good home.” :) New attached image

Quilt show 2018 PQG – Part 2

Published on 04/15/18

One of my favorite projects that was hanging in the show was the collaborative quilt between Cena and I. I loved seeing people’s reaction to the quilt. New attached image New attached image We won a first for our category and Best Quilting.

We found out the afternoon of the last day that our quilt had won Viewers choice. This is the one ribbon that I was really hoping we would win (my first). It is so much fun to have such a great partnership with Cena. New attached image

Quilt show 2018 – PQG

Published on 04/11/18

Our guild had our biennial quilt show in March and it was so fun to visit the quilts I had worked on over the past two years.

This was our guild’s opportunity quilt that was designed and made by the three of us and then I had the opportunity to quilt it. It was hard to say good-bye but the lady that won it was so excited.

New attached image

This quilt had special instructions when it came to me – “lots of feathers”. I am always drawn to quilts with white backgrounds – they always look so fresh.

New attached image

This quilt was a quilt that was started about 30 years ago. I had so much fun quilting this for my friend Bernice. I had forgotten how big it was.

New attached image