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Bits & Pieces

A win

Published on 09/06/17

Dorinda’s quilt won second place @ the Old Man River quilt show in Vicksburg. She is so pleased with the positive response to the quilt.

New attached image New attached image

Updated pricing information

Published on 08/31/17

I recently updated my long-arm pricing information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

New attached image

Quilting for Dorinda

Published on 08/24/17

I am able to share this quilt now that it is hanging in it’s first show. This took Dorinda 2 years to piece. I had the quilt on my long-arm for 4 months. New attached image I am going to post my favorite blocks. New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image New attached image

Quilting for Nancy

Published on 03/29/17

After seeing the quilting I did for the Mobile quilter’s guild opportunity quilt, Nancy contacted me. She sent me a picture of this interesting quilt with some quilting ideas. She then allowed me to just have fun with the texture for the quilting. I used a double batting with 80/20 which allowed the quilting texture to “pop”. New attached image Once again the back is so cool! I am not a huge fan of quilting black thread on a light backing but it seemed to go alright this time. New attached image

Quilting for L

Published on 03/15/17

I have some sweet and encouraging quilters in my quilting guild. “L”, as she would like to be called, contacted me after seeing my quilting at the last quilt show and asked it I could quilt something for her. She was very patient as quilts always take longer that I image since I work full time as well. New attached image

She brought me a traditional quilt with lots of white space and the request for lots of feathers. This actually was a stretch for me as I have been doing a more modern style quilting lately. She was so happy with the results. New attached image New attached image New attached image As always, I am in love with the backing. When “L” saw the back she said, “I may never turn it over.” =) New attached image New attached image