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Molly’s wedding quilt – the top

Published on 02/04/15

Mom gave me free-reign on this project with the exception of incorporating the sari into the top. New attached image Once I had picked out the fabrics, I picked out thread and batting. I choose a pale grey thread as it blended well with all the fabrics and I would not have to change my thread at all. I used Superior Bottom-line 60 weight for both the top and the backing. This shows texture in the quilting but not thread build-up. I picked a low-loft polyester batting because I did not want to add a lot of weight to the quilt. The sari was so light and airy that other battings would weigh it down too much – play it allows the quilting to show nicely. New attached image

My next challenge was figuring out how to keep the sari from shifting while I quilted – SO SLIPPERY. I ended up thread basting the sari to the cream top fabric and putting a little bit of glue in the center. I knew the quilt would be soaked because of the blue pen, so a little glue would not be a problem. New attached image As I quilted, I reverted back to some of my domestic quilting tricks. I did the top border and then worked from the center out until I got to the other border. This was a lot of rolling back and forth but the only way I could ensure a square quilt in the end. New attached image


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