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Emilie’s high school graduation and party

Published on 07/28/15

I can not believe that Emilie has graduated (and that Logan will graduate next year). Her graduation ceremony was nice but what we really enjoyed was her party. New attached image As usual, my plans got a little carried away but the end result was so nice.

We decorated the large tree in our front yard with streamers, toile and hanging balloons and then wrapped the trunk with white light. A few pennies in the balloons helped them hang nicely. This made for some fun pictures with the polaroid camera and a great entrance to the house.

New attached image

We had a “make your own Italian soda” area. We had several different flavored syrups to add to seltzer water. We also had things like cherries, lime zest, pineapple chunks that you could add to the drink.

New attached image

We kept the decorations in the house simple and pushed back the table to allow people to walk through the dining room easier. I wish the photos were not so dark. =(

New attached image New attached image

All the food was planned to be 1-2 bites and mainly eaten without utensils. The favorites were the link sausage with pineapple on a skewer, grapes on a skewer, and the “shot glass” desserts. I had so much fun looking on Pinterest for food ideas and was able to try some wonderful new recipes.

New attached image

We are proud of our girl and looking forward to what the Lord has for her in the future.

New attached image


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