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Classes & Lectures

Ingrid has developed several classes and lectures based on the quilts that she has created. Read more about them here

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Classes & Lectures

Teacher Profile

I began quilting in 1998 after the birth of my second child. My mother helped me piece a simple quilt top with 12 inch blocks with sashing and keys. She cringed when I picked out a heavy, stretchy denim for the backing. We ended up tying this quilt. The first quilt that I quilted was a log-cabin design, king sized, which I quilted by hand until I got to the borders.

I am a self-taught quilter, so I have learned many things the long, hard way.I enjoy teaching classes because it lets me share my successes and failures. I also love to take classes!

Like many quilters, I am a multi-tasker. I am Mom to three “perfect” children, a nurse and an obsessive quilter. I have learned that all new fabrics get washed before the clothes and somehow the fabrics get ironed but the shirts don’t. I enjoy the process of making quilts so much that I like to keep quilts at many stages going at the same time. Some people call these UFO’s (unfinished objects), but I know that sometime they will all get done. Besides, you can not rush art!

I have been teaching quilting related classes since 2007. My classes range from curved piecing, free-motion machine quilting to art quilting with embellishments and fabric painting.

Available Classes

Curved Piecing and Design

This class will demonstrate curved piecing techniques. A pattern will be provided for the class. The student may draw their own design and bring it to class if they prefer. 6 Hours read more…

How do I Quilt This?

This class will be a 4 hour design class. The class participants will bring quilt tops that have not been quilted yet and we will discuss and develop quilting designs. Several books, quilts and other resources will be available at the class. read more

Machine Quilting 1

This class starts with an interactive lecture. We then spend 3 hours stitching out progressively more difficult designs. The lecture includes information on batting, needles, thread, and basic techniques for getting started. The quilting designs start with a large meander and progresses to an innovative feather. The goal of this class is for the beginner quilter to become familiar with the sound and feel of their sewing machine and to work on control of quilting stitches. read more…

Machine Quilting 2

The 2nd step class is four hours of sewing. It starts where the first class ends and introduces more complex designs and includes interactive discussion about possible uses of the designs. The goal of this class is to explore new quilting designs, to work on accuracy and control, and to increase the quilter’s confidence. read more…

Machine Quilting 3

Advanced machine quilting techniques and designs. Each student will design their own whole-cloth quilt by combining a selected theme image and fill patterns. 6 hours read more…

Quilt Embellishment

Working from a fat quarter, this class will introduce working with multiple fibers and embellishments. Instruction on couching, needle felting, hot-fix crystals, use of organza and toile, and beading will be given. 6 hours read more…

Thread Sketching

Working from an 8”x10” photo, we will make a one-of-a-kind thread sketch. We will use a free-motion quilt foot and introduce you to bobbin work. 3 hours read more


Fear-less Curves

This interactive lecture will introduce techniques in designing and piecing originial curved designs. Several quilts in different stages of completion will be displayed. 1-1 1/2 hours

Machine Quilting and Design

This lecture features a collection of some of my favorite quilts. The truck show focuses on triumphs and failures in machine quilting and showcases quilting designs that enhance the quilt, as well as allowing a discussion on the strengths and weakness of quilting designs. 1- 1 1/2 hours